Featured Projects #1 – Giant Wooden Pencil Planter

Previous Next Drawing from Previous Experience Being a joiner you can quite often get ‘drawn’ into making the same kinds of things week in week out. However, over the last year, it’s been so much fun creating such a varied portfolio of work. Well, you’d think it was varied until Sarah from Stationery Supplies in Wilmslow […]

Warmth, Waste and Light

Workshop wood burner

The High Peak is a wonderful place to work and having a workshop at over 1100ft up is very scenic but there is one huge draw back, THE COLD!!!!!!!!

Why the Change?

In the workshop setting out

So, for those who don’t know me, my name is Ben and I’m a joiner but I’ve not always considered myself to be one. At the start, back in 2004

It isn’t just Wood!

Timber FSC PEFC workshop

Many customers ask about the sustainability of the timber I use and care that it is ethically sourced. But what does this really mean?