Bat Box Set


We are pleased to bring to you a trio of bat boxes carefully handmade from 22mm PEFC Scandinavian Redwood in my High Peaks workshop.  All bat boxes (bat houses) are delivered untreated in order to reduce the risk of inoccupation from chemicals and their scent.
These single chambered bat boxes are designed to attract most variants of bats, particularly Pipistrelles, the most common variant within the UK. Boxes should be fitted as high as possible to protect against predators, with some species, including Noctules, preferring roosts which are at least 5 meters off of the ground.
As per the RSPB’s instructions, these boxes are supplied in sets of three to allow bats to navigate between the boxes throughout the seasons.

Includes: Fixing brackets and screws.

Approximate dimensions: 360mm high, 135mm wide, and 110mm deep.

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Bat Box Trio

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