Waste, Warmth and Light

The High Peak is a wonderful place to work and having a joinery workshop at over 1100ft up is very scenic but there is one huge draw back, THE COLD!!!!!!!!

Up here it can be dark, wet, windy, hailing and even snowing all in one day. So how do I keep the cold and damp at bay whilst keeping waste to a minimum and reducing the use of unsustainable energy sources? I do this by using the waste wood, sawdust and shavings from my joinery work for my heating by running a 27kw workshop wood burner which uses everything from the offcuts, all the way down to the sawdust. The waste that would have to be taken away to be processed and recycled into fuel sources or other man-made timber products is combusted to create heat for the workshop, making it a warmer and more pleasant environment to work in and reducing the waste volume that leaves the workshop.

To lessen the impact further on the environment, the workshop uses LED lighting of various forms to reduce the daily energy requirements of the workshop dramatically whilst enhancing the working conditions and visibility.

Being energy efficient is beneficial to us all and the cost of upgrading can soon be reclaimed in reduced energy bills so there is no excuse for us all to do our bit and think of the world around us.

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